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We are a small congregation with big hearts.  Welcoming anyone seeking a Christian community, we walk in the belief that Jesus Christ taught to love one another with our whole hearts. Join us as we challenge one another to live our best lives fulfilling the plan God set for our lives. 


The inspired and committed vision of the Honey Creek Presbyterian Church projects a future of bringing Christ closer to its members, the diverse community and beyond. We will focus on increasing opportunities of worship, fellowship, communication, ministry, stewardship, and service within our community.


We nurture our members spiritually by continuing to uphold the corporate body and leadership of our community of faith.


We are open to a diverse community and we offer programs to inform our hearts and minds.


Located in New Carlisle, Ohio we are composed of a two building campus. The historic church was built in 1829. The Christian Education Center was constructed in 1963.  We are blessed with spaces to meet, learn, and grow. Open to the pubic we allow the larger community to share in the use of our space.


As an active member church in PC-USA, we are committed to a progressive Christian interpretation of the Bible.  We believe Jesus Christ taught us to love another regardless of color, gender, orientation, political beliefs or any other label or barrier.  We believe connection is in faith not societal expectations and we are a blessed union of committed Christians open to sharing faith with anyone.  Come with your questions, your faith, your experiences ... you are welcome here.

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